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Tire Style Coupling Comparison


 ATRA-FLEX® Millennium Series®, T-Flex® Series, A Series®,


Tire Style Coupling

ATRA-FLEX® Millennium®, T series, and A Series® couplings transmit rotational torque from one hub (shaft) to the other in shear not physically attached to each other.

The two styles of tire couplings transmit rotational torque in shear physically attached to a flexing rubber or urethane.

ATRA-FLEX® Advantages

  • Smaller overall outer diameter, transmits greater torque in smaller package. No guard modifications to retrofitting from lubricated couplings.
  • Precision machined hubs, no casting or forged steel hub parts.
  • No fasteners on close coupled versions
  • Reduced moment of weight by flange and twist center moved closer to bearings. Not hanging greatest weight and twist in center of shaft ends on spacer couplings.
  • No misalignment forces due to no physical connection of hub to flexing element.
  • No axial loading (shafts being drawn together) due to tire outer diameter growth
  • Simple element replacement
  • Drop out spacer to existing shaft hubs
  • Element retained by outer ring. No steel to urethane bonding or fasteners to fail.
  • Superior rotational stability. No unrestrained elastomers causing vibration or adverse forces on connecting shafts.
  • Upon element failure all elastomer is retained behind ring.
  • Competitive costing of replacement element.


      ATRA-FLEX® Flexible Couplings are the clear choice of maintenance professionals everywhere.