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Around the World and in a variety of Industries, customers improve their performance by turning to ATRA-FLEX® Flexible Couplings. Our associates deliver value by working closely with customers to provide management and power transmission solutions that cater to their specific industry and applications.


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Dredging companies rely on ATRA-FLEX® dependability and  quality couplings.  The non lubricated and ease of replacement inserts provides more up- time to keep equipment moving.

Pulp and Paper Mills

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From pulp processing to printing presses, ATRA-FLEX® solutions provide increased up time and improved performance so end users can get the most out of their equipment.

Oil and Gas Drilling

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Oil and Gas Companies worldwide rely on ATRA-FLEX® highly engineered couplings to improve their productivity and efficiency.


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Worldwide Mining companies rely on ATRA-FLEX® durability to provide couplings the reduce maintenance and failed machinery expenses.

Pump Systems

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Reduction of downtime, less maintenance and longer product life is why companies rely on ATRA-FLEX® couplings to keep things moving.

Food Processing

Department filtering, the interior of the brewery

ATRA-FLEX offers all coupling styles in stainless steel grades 303,304, and 316. The dependability ATRA-FLEX® couplings provide give companies peace of mind knowing they will have less unplanned shutdowns.

Steel Industry

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ATRA-FLEX® prides itself on addressing critical operational issues that face steel plants. We offer couplings that are resistant to corrosion; require no lubrication, lower maintenance and downtime costs.