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Keep your operation in motion by creating more “upTIME”

  • The ease of replacing our custom, high quality compounded inserts will create more “uptime”.
  • Replace in place design
  • Once inserts shear there is no metal to metal contact and the driven coupling halves allow unrestrained end float.
  • Saves you money on replacing new hubs

     ATRA-FLEX® Polyurethane Design Benefits

  • Power is smoothly transmitted through a custom compounded polyurethane insert, which absorbs shock loads, dampens vibration, and electrically insulates the equipment while accommodating axial, radial, and angular misalignment with less reactionary loads on equipment
  • ATRA-FLEX® couplings eliminate the need for lubrication, which significantly reduces coupling failures, maintenance and downtime commonly caused by insufficient lubrication of gear and grid couplings.
  • Unlike greased couplings, which attract dust and dirt that often get trapped inside the working parts of the coupling and can cause wear, our polyurethane insert operate in extreme weather, temperature, and chemical exposure common in rotational equipment applications. We have had run times up to 70,000 + hours.

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ATRA-FLEX® Polyurethane Insert Chart