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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by Choosing Our
Flexible Non-Lubricated Elastomeric Couplings

RELIABILITY: Once ATRA-FLEX® is spec’d in it stays in

  • Reduce total cost of ownership with reduced maintenance and downtime (no lubrication)
  • Designed for easy assembly and quick replacement of insert if needed
  • No metal to metal contact means no replacing hubs which will save time and money
  • Excellent choice to Standardize. Our couplings have a wide range of versatility so replacement inserts are the only items needed to stock
  • QD Bushings and Taper Lock Bushings available for more versatility

When a new insert is needed, a low cost replacement can be installed in minutes without moving either the prime mover or the driven equipment. Less downtime, No messy lubrication, no EPA regulations are some of the benefits to choosing ATRA-FLEX.  When inserts shear there is no metal to metal contact so there is no need to replace hubs.  ATR Sales Inc. and ATRA-FLEX® are committed to saving you money and bringing value to your operation.

ATRA-FLEX® Flexible Couplings are ideal for a wide variety of industries and Applications. We offer torque ratings up to 3,610,000 (lb-in) RPM’s up to 20,200 and shaft capacities up to 20.00 inches. We have invested years of research to formulate our proprietary urethane formula that continues to outperform other elastomeric type inserts.  Whether the solution you choose is a Millennium® Series, T-Flex® or our original A-Series® Coupling, these non-lubricated, quality elastomeric couplings provide excellent vibration-dampening capability, high-misalignment capacity, reduced maintenance costs and downtime, and designs for specific applications.

ATRA-FLEX® Polyurethane Insert Selection

Our polyurethane flexible elements have excellent wear and chemical resistance and an operating temperature range of -60ºF to 350ºF.

inserts1 inserts2 inserts3 inserts4 inserts5

DescriptionColorApplicationsShore HardnessMinimum Temperature ℉Maximum Temperature ℉
StandardYellowGeneral Purpose60D-60250
High TemperatureRedHigh Temperature90A20350
High TorqueOrangeHigh Torque/Low Speed70D-20250
High DampenBrownHeavy Vibration/Shock Loads95A-60250
Extra High DampenGreenHigh Vibratory Torque/Shock Loads90A-60250