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Atra-Flex Equates To Maintenance Dollars Saved

ATRA-FLEX® is the Solution!

The number one problem in industry today is DOWNTIME!!

• ATRA-FLEX inserts can be changed within minutes without moving hubs.
• ATRA-FLEX cannot self-destruct (no metal to metal contact).
• ATRA-FLEX hubs do not wear (never have to replace complete coupling).
• ATRA-FLEX Millennium® and A series® has no screws, bolts, or nuts to shear off causing longer DOWNTIME or complete coupling replacement. Not to mention safer operation!
• ATRA-FLEX requires no lubrication. Thus eliminating DOWNTIME to lubricate couplings.
• ATRA-FLEX is in shear-protection for lock-ups. No more twisting off shafts or any other damage to equipment. Thus eliminating more DOWNTIME!
• ATRA-FLEX is inherently balanced. Thus eliminating DOWNTIME do to vibration.

The second largest problem in industry today is MISALIGNMENT, which can cost rotational equipment 50% – 70% of its life!!

• ATRA-FLEX design is easy to align. All surfaces are machined. Six and eight wings provide reference points in 360 degrees.
• ATRA-FLEX has a built in safeguard for gross misalignment. If ATRA-FLEX’S alignment tolerances are exceeded the ring will walk off the insert physically indicating that the coupling is grossly misaligned. This feature alone can save thousands of maintenance dollars!!


• ATRA-FLEX ranges from fractional horse power to 30,000 plus horsepower and up to a 16 inch shaft. This range covers most applications.
• ATRA-FLEX offers a complete line of couplings to meet your most difficult applications. Including spacer, floating shaft, limited end float, slide couplings, flywheel and many other custom designs.
• ATRA-FLEX insert have been known to run up to 70,000 + running hours.
• ATRA-FLEX has multiple options on insert selections. Temperature ranges run from -60℉ up to 350℉.
• ATRA-FLEX insert is the only spare part. Thus decreasing large inventory requirements.
• ATRA-FLEX is available in stainless steel.
• ATRA-FLEX has custom compounded polyurethane inserts to provide elasticity and resistance to high torque shear and shock loads dampening.
• ATRA-FLEX is distributed throughout North America and many other parts of the world.


Time to Couple up with ATRA-FLEX®

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call ATR SALES, INC direct at 800-443-6613.