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To Do’s


  • The correct catalog page to link T-series Spacer to.
  • The new info for a dropdown menu under Technical (and do you agree we’ll just leave the word Technical on the main menu only there to hover so the dropdown shows – doesn’t link to a main page or anything?)
  • I’ll give Eddie a little time to reply on the full catalog pdf. Then I can take care of that.
  • Can wait till last before going live and when everyone needed is available – we’ll need to do a test or two on the contact form to be sure it comes through correctly.
  • Size your coupling app – this I can work on after live because it currently works the way it is on the site. The goal will be to have it actually be part of the wordpress rather than just showing in it so I can update the app to new code standards and possibly be able to add a print option and as you would like eventually, be able to allow the customer to choose to email you the info from the results of the app. (print and email cannot be done the way it currently is, but the app itself works to give the customers their results.)



Website Adjustments

Can you create link to click on for catalogue and size your coupling on these pages to make it more user friendly? – I know what you’re referring to now on this.
I had a question on what link to use on those pages where there’s a reference to quick selection guide – is that where the size your coupling link should be, or add that and the quick selection links, where should they go to?

Eventually we will want to add Customer Testimonials: We will work on getting success stories and will email ASAP

Size your coupling page: Can we add a print icon for them to click on to make it easier? – this I will have to look into because it’s a very old programmed app. Plans were to convert it so it was more wordpress friendly at some point after the site was done rather than an external just showing in the site. When we can get to that point, likely I can easily add a print option.

Eventually we will want them to click to submit and they will have a distributor ID they will log in. That info will go to Ruzelle’s email like it currently does from the contact page.

Additional Notes:

After completion of sizing up a coupling, it brings me to the bottom of the results page once I click “find coupling”. – when it’s time to work on this, could you send me the info field by field of the form that need to be filled in for me to test with please? I had them jotted down in a notebook from last year and can’t find.

Please review the “Technical” tab thoroughly. For some reason, the PDF’s for all categories are not openable for me. – I’ll go through those after we do the other content we’ve been emailing on. I see some are pdf and some are pages, but the pages look bad.

–        Search For should be in front of the search box in the header? – I’ll re-add that later. Content is priority right now.

****We may need to temporarily suspend the search feature until we are able to get you the appropriate info.

Recently add to do’s:

Add tire styling coupling page.

New full catalog and individual product pages to be added when they’re available.

July list:

Website to do List

July 28th

Hi Heather , Please let me know if I need to send you any of these attachments again

  1. Update the verbiage in Mission statement under Vision ( I emailed updates)
  2. Add the Applications in Motion drop down under Industry’s we Serve page. ( I emailed this as well)
  3. Add images for solving misalignment drop down under solutions email to be sent (Emailed)
  4. Move ATR Sales logo to the left side where the Made in USA logo is so it is in relation to our company vs. an affiliate. I am not sure where the Made in USA logo will go now but maybe it is ok to put it where the ATR logo currently is.
  5. Add insert chart ONLY portion to product menu drop down (will email again)
  6. Add insert info product page (will email) to the Why ATRA-FLEX PAGE

Then have the drop downs in this order:

“Create More UPTIME”  Insert info

“Rapid Solutions”

“Grid Coupling Comparison”

“Tire style comparison”   I think I emailed a big long thing but it may be too much to use. I will see if I can put a real simple thing together like the grid coupling. It’s up to you if you want to add the long version for now.

  1. Remove patents on A series under Product page


Adjustments on   WHY ATRA-FLEX Page

Here are some of the adjustments that need to take place. (This is all cut and paste from the old website and I ran some stuff buy Darin and he wants to make some changes. SORRY. Let me know if this is something you can do or if you prefer me to do it and resend the content.

Adjust hours of running time verbiage to ATRA-FLEX insert have been known to run up to 70,000 + running hours

Adjust temperature sentence:   Atra-Flex has multiple options on insert selections. Temperature ranges run from -60℉ up to 350℉

Remove the whole line of does not generate thrust loads.

Remove the patented in parenthesis on

Change wording on Time to Coupling up with atra-flex to Time to Couple up with ATRA-Flex.

Notes from Heather: (for later to-do’s)

I’m going to switch your contact form to another plugin. The one I use is a premium that is much better, more reliable, and keeps full exportable records of all forms people submit. It also has a captcha to help prevent spammers.

I have a decent testimonial plugin that after customers fill out the form, you approve and it auto shows, rather than having to manually enter it when you want to add one. We can talk about that when we get to that part.